...they're hi-tech!

Gone are the days of rickety old freezing buses that reserve the top deck for smokers – the 21st century bus is a different animal.

Want free Wi-Fi to pass the time? You got it. Want real-time next bus information at stops? It’s already there. Want audio announcements along the route? Already thought of it. On-board climate-control? All yours. On-board BBC news feed? Oh, go on then. Not bad for an 'old' bus hey?

...they're convenient!

I bet you would never have thought that many people living
in south Hampshire are within a 5-minute walk of a bus stop, would you?

Most buses go in to the main city and town centres, making them ideal for a bit of shopping or watching the football with your mates.

Plus with smart tickets you don't need to find change, straight into the thick of it and not a parking ticket in sight!

...they're fast!

A number of bus routes in south Hampshire offer dedicated bus lanes and bus priority signalling at busy junctions. This means that whilst car drivers are sat in traffic jams and getting stuck at the lights, you’re whizzing past!

there are loads of great reasons to try a bus!

go on give it a try!

...they're great value!

Whether you intend to get the bus once in a blue moon or every day for a month, there will be a ticket just for you at a price that offers great value for money.

Your local bus operator will generally sell daily, weekly and monthly tickets providing unlimited travel on their services for a set period of time, alongside the more traditional singles and returns.

Remember to look out for discounts and offers in partnership with local attractions on their websites too!

...they're green!

Today’s buses not only look good, they are great for the environment too.

Some of the new buses in south Hampshire are diesel-electric hybrids (meaning they are powered by a combination of electricity and diesel) that significantly reduces engine emissions.

Not only do they improve air quality further in both the suburbs and town centres, they offer a near-silent movement when the buses pull away from a stop.

"It's estimated that if car drivers switched one journey a month to the bus, it would save 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide!"*

* Source www.greenerjourneys.com

Funded by the Department for Transport in association with local bus operators