trying a bus is easier than you think!

here's five simple steps to  get you started.

before you leave...

1. plan your journey...

The simplest way to find out where your local bus stop is and where the bus goes is to use the journey planner at

Just type in your postcode along with where you want to go to, and the site will give you the bus stops near you and buses that make that journey.

Alternatively, if you already know where your local bus goes and who runs the service, a current timetable will be available on that bus company’s website.

2. choose a ticket...

If you haven’t used the bus for a while, you’ll need to know that all bus companies in south Hampshire offer a range of tickets to suit your needs.

If you intend to only make the odd journey, you may find that a standard single or return is best, however if you want to travel on a more regular basis (perhaps to see friends or commute to work), then a week or month ticket may offer better value. Longer-term tickets such as three monthly and annual passes will also be available.

3. at the bus stop...

Try to arrive at the stop a couple of minutes before the bus is due to arrive (most of the bus companies have mobile phone apps, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages showing if their services are running on time).

Firstly, check the display screen to confirm it is the service you want to catch, then stick your arm out to indicate you want it to stop.

The driver will pull over and open his doors, which is your cue to step aboard!

when you're at the bus stop...

4. buy your ticket...

Actually buying your ticket will depend on the ticket type you have chosen for your journey.

Singles, returns, day and week tickets can usually be bought on the bus itself, whilst all the other ticket types will need to be purchased at the operators travel shop or on their website.

Check your local bus company's website for more information.

5. getting off the bus...

To make it easier, many buses will display the name of the next stop. When your destination is in sight, let the driver know you’d like to get off by simply pressing one of the coloured ‘Stop’ buttons that are dotted around the bus.

For your safety, stay seated until the bus has fully stopped, the doors will then open and off you get.

All in all, pretty simple eh?

easy peasy!

Funded by the Department for Transport in association with local bus operators