the city centre worker...

Tom uses it to get to work in Portsmouth

“There’s nothing worse than being sat in traffic on the way to work every morning burning petrol and then seeing a bus just whiz past you. So I thought, if I can’t beat them, I might as well join them!

I found out the bus goes from the end of my road seven times an hour, and thanks to the dedicated bus lanes, I’m in the office in about 25 minutes.

I started off just buying single tickets but the driver soon pointed out I’d be much better off with a week ticket. That’s a few lunchtime coffees saved for starters!”

people like you get the bus every day!

here they explain why the bus is better for them...

the weekend traveller...

Lisa uses it to meet up with the girls in Southampton

“A catch up with friends over a decent glass of wine, followed by a mooch around the shops, is how I like to spend my weekends.

The bus is really handy for it and there’s something very convenient and relaxing about being able to pop in to town and get dropped off right in the middle of the action. The free Wi-Fi is a nice little bonus too.

I found that a day ticket works out best for me  - unlimited travel all day means if I want to catch a film later in the day, it doesn’t cost me any more to get there.”

the family explorers...

Jane uses it because it’s an adventure for the kids

“When I mention we’re going for a trip out somewhere, the two questions I get asked most are ‘Are we going on the bus Mum?’, ‘Can I sit on the top deck at the front Mum?’.

Whether it’s a trip to the park or in to town to buy birthday presents, being stuck in the back of my car just doesn’t cut the mustard for my kids. Getting a bus turns a normal journey into an exciting day out for them, and they also get to ding the bell! If they’re well-behaved.”

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